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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Opening Session

Welcome Note and Introduction - Berthold Koletzko (EarlyNutrition coordinator, LMU Munich)

“Horizon2020: Research opportunities for safe and healthy diets” - Razvan Anistoroaei (DG Research and Innovation, European Commission)

A.1 Parallel Session:

Pregnancy and Programming of Obesity and Related

Effectiveness of a Normative Nutrition Intervention on Maternal Nutrition and Offspring Growth: The Chilean Maternal and Infant Nutrition Cohort Study (CHiMINCs)
– M.L. Garmendia (Santiago, Chile)

B.1 Parallel Session:

Breastfeeding and Later Health

Breast Milk Components and Infant GrowthMaria Grunewald (Munich, Germany)

Breastfeeding and Celiac Disease, Allergy and Type 1 Diabetes - Luisa Mearin (Leiden, The Netherlands)

Breastfeeding Status and Timing of Solid Food Introduction: The Risk of Adiposity in 6 Month Old Infants of Obese Mothers – J. Engler (London, UK)

Persistent Environmental Toxicant and Nutrient Content in Human Breast Milk and Infant Growth - Rachel Criswell (Oslo, Norway)

C.1 Parallel Session

Programming of NCDs in Preterm Infants

Programming of NCDs in Preterm Infants – Focus on Growth - Ken Ong (Cambridge, UK)

Growth and Body Composition in Extremely Preterm Infants Is Altered Early N. Altheyab (Queensland, Australia)

Body Composition in Preterm Infants: Comparison of Air Displacement Plethysmography and Dual-Xray AbsorptiometryC. Fusch (Hamilton, Canada)

Glucocorticoid-Programming in Very Preterm Birth - Martijn Finken (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

A.2 Parallel Session

Interventions to Prevent Adverse Fetal Programming

Effect of a Dietary and Exercise Intervention during Pregnancy and Lactation on White Adipose Tissue Gene Profiles and Adiposity with Maternal ObesityI. Bloor (Nottingham, UK)

B.2 Parallel Session

GDM – Early Diagnosis of Women at Risk

Longitudinal Assessment of Maternal Anthropometric Measurements in Obese Pregnant Women: Association with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and Treatment – T. Serafimova (London, UK)

C.2 Parallel Session

Metabolomics and Obesity in Humans

Opportunities of Metabolomic Studies in the Context of Early ProgrammingChristian Hellmuth (Munich, Germany)

Analysis of Metabolic Profiles in Adolescents from the RAINE Cohort by Clinical Targeted Metabolomics: Metabolic Consequences of Early Programming - Sebastian Rauschert (Perth, Australia)


Friday, 14 October 2016

Workshop (WS1):

New Investigators Forum

Evidence/Thoughts to Become a Good Researcher. A View from a University Professor’s Perspective - Lucilla Poston (London, UK)

Workshop (WS2):

Methodological Aspects of Measuring Adiposity and Body Composition

Assessment of Neonatal Body Composition Using Anthropometry - Sarah Kehoe (Southampton, UK)


Plenary Session III


What is Normal Pre- and Postnatal GrowthMichelle Lampl (Atlanta, USA)

A.3 Parallel Session

Postnatal Nutrition

Infant Nutrition and Its Effect on the Metabolome - Franca Kirchberg (Munich, Germany)

A Global Perspective on the Importance of Dietary ARA and DHA Intakes from Birth to Age 3 Years - Stewart Forsyth (Dundee, Scotland)

Infant Feeding and Growth Trajectories in Childhood and Body Composition in Young Adulthood W.H. Oddy (Hobart, Australia)

Allergy Prevention by Early Nutrition: 15 years of Follow Up in the GINI Study - Sibylle Koletzko (Munich, Germany)

B.3 Parallel Session

Psychosocial Stress, Mental Health and Biological Impact

Interaction of Prenatal Psychosocial Stress and Nutrition: Implications for Maternal and Infant Metabolic Outcomes - Karen Lindsay (Dublin, Ireland)

Brainstem Oxidative Stress Is Associated with Hypertension and Elevated Cardiovascular Responses to Psychological Stress Following Maternal High Fat-High Sucrose dietS. K. Jayaratne (Sydney, Australia)

C.3 Parallel Session

Placental Nutrient Transfer

Maternal Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Placental Lipids - Olaf Uhl (Munich, Germany)

Maternal Dietary Fats and Neonatal Outcome - Mike Symonds (Nottingham, UK)

Placental Expression of Fatty Acid Transporter Related to Maternal Pre-Pregnancy WeightM. T. Segura

Placental Lipids and Fatty Acid Transfer in Maternal Overnutrition - Gernot Desoye (Graz, Austria)

A.4 Parallel Session

Early Life Gut Microbiome and Long-Term Health

Pediatric Obesity Is Associated with Altered Gut Microbiota CommunitiesA. Riva (Milano, Italy)

Maternal Exposure to a Western-Style Diet Causes Differences in Intestinal Microbiota Composition and Gene Expression of Suckling Mouse PupsB.J.M. van de Heijning (Utrecht, Netherlands)

B.4 Parallel Session

Early Nutrition in Low Resource Settings

How to Do Interventions in Early Nutrition with Your Bare Hands: An Example in Guatemala - Michele Monroy Valle (Guatemala City, Guatemala)

Pica Practices, Food Cravings and Aversions among Pregnant Women in KenyaL. Kariuki (Hohenheim, Germany)

C.4 Parallel Session

Early Programming of Taste and Appetite

Development of Food Preferences and Appetite in the First Years - Sophie Nicklaus (Dijon, France)

Age at Introduction of Solid Foods and Feeding Difficulties in Childhood: Findings from the Southampton Women's SurveyJ. Hollies (Southampton, UK)

Antecedents of Picky Eating Behaviour in Young ChildrenP. Emmett (Bristol, UK)

A.5 Parallel Session

Nutritional Epigenetics of Obesity

Does Epigenetic Variation Impact Type 2 Diabetes? - Charlotte Ling (Malmoe, Sweden)

B.5 Parallel Session

Catch-up Growth

Modulating Mechanisms of Quality of Growth - Martina Weber (Munich, Germany)

New Innovative Concept to Predict Preterm Infant's Individual Growth TrajectoriesN. Rochow (Hamilton, Canada)

Proven Benefits of Nutritional Modifications of Patterns of Growth - Bernadeta Patro-Golab (Warsaw, Poland)

Pre-Pregnancy Maternal Body Mass Index Impacts on Child Growth Trajectories to Six YearsW. Oddy (Hobart, Australia)

C.5 Parallel Session

Translational Application of Programming Evidence: What is Needed?

Why Early Prevention of Childhood Obesity is More than a Medical Concern – A Health Economic Approach - Diana Sonntag (Heidelberg, Germany)

Science, Policy and Consumers - Understanding Infant Feeding Communication Practices - Monique Raats (Surrey, UK)

How Do We Get Parents Involved? - Silke Mader (Munich, Germany)


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Workshop (WS5):

Fetal and Infant Growth Standards: International Practice and Applicability

Curve Matching: New Technologies for Personalized Predictors of Growth in ChildrenStef van Buuren (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Workshop (WS6):

DynaHEALTH Meets EarlyNutrition

Introduction to the ChallengeSylvain Sebert (Oulu, Finland)

Discovery in Large Scale ConsortiaJanine Felix (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Life Course Modelling Methods and ChallengesEstelle Lowry (Oulu, Finland)

A.6 Parallel Session

The Future of Early Life Research

Finding Molecular Trackers of Early Life Environment in High-Dimensional DataJoanna Holbrook(Singapore)

The Application of Lipid Profiling to Understand Dietary Fat Metabolism in Breast-Fed InfantsA. Koulman (Cambridge, UK)

Genetics and Epigenetics in DOHaD – Future Perspectives - Richard Saffery ( Melbourne, Australia)

B.6 Parallel Session

Obesity Prevention and Intervention in Infants and Young Children

Early Obesity Prevention – the Role of Life Style. Experience from Toybox and Other Intervention Trials - Zbigniew Kulaga(Warsaw, Poland)

Cord Blood Adiponectin as a Predictor for Childhood Obesity at 5 Years of AgeD. Meyer (Munich, Germany)

Food Choices, Lifestyles and the Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Children: Evidence from the IDEFICS Cohort and the I.Family Study - Wolfgang Ahrens (Bremen,

Determining Factors and Critical Periods in the Formation of Eating Habits: Results from the HabEat project - Sylvie Issanchou (Paris, France)

C.6 Parallel Session

Personalised Nutrition and Counselling

Personalised Nutrition – What Does It All Mean? - Rosalie Grivell (Adelaide, Australia)

Evaluation of Pregnant Diet Quality on Social Media Project: The Use of the Healthy Eating Index for Brazilian Pregnancy - V. Barros K. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Associations of Maternal B Vitamins during Pregnancy with Infant Neurocognitive Outcomes at 24 Months of AgeM. Chong (Singapore)

Plenary Session IV:


Early Life Nutrition – Recommendations and Perspectives? –

Jodie Dodd (Adelaide, Australia) & Hans van Goudoever (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Closing Session

Closing - Berthold Koletzko

Farewell Note - Berthold Koletzko